GCSE Results 2016

The Government have introduced new fairer measures of judging schools.  This will be very helpful for parents as it measures the progress of every student.  Previous measures have only judged the school by the percentage of student gaining top grades irrespective of their ability.  We all have different starting points and the new measure help us to celebrate the journey of our students.

The Government have produced a video fully explaining this Progress 8 process.

Please click here to see government comparison figures that show Lea Valley High School to be in the top 20% of schools nationally. 

The figure is not intuitive as the range is between -0.5 and +0.5.  Zero means expected progress.  We are proud to celebrate our Progress 8 figure which shows that all students at Lea Valley have made much better than expected progress.


GCSE Headline Performance Measures


Progress 8


Attainment 8


% Achieving EBacc


% Achieving A*-C in English and Maths


Student Destinations


   Stayed onto 6th Form 50%
   Went to College/FE 38.7%
   Apprenticeship 0.5%
   Unknown 10.7%




Our full detailed results can be viewed be here