Student Parliament

Members of the Student Parliament are currently being elected.

The Student Parliament meet in the fourth week of every half term.  One representative of each year group will bring their Year Council minute book to help prompt discussion in the meeting.

The Student Presidents chairs the meeting and will invite all parties to take part in meetings and have their views represented. They will be responsible for reminding all students about dates of meetings in advance.

One student is elected to be the secretary of the Student Parliament and will write minutes of each meeting in a minute book.  This will be used to help prompt discussion in Student Parliament lunches with the Principal.

The Student Parliament meet with the Principal during one lunch time in the fifth week of each half term and will feedback ideas from initial meetings in the fourth week of each half term.

Campaigns - The Student Parliament will lead a campaign each half term which could involve them working with year councils to deliver Year assemblies on a theme, produce posters and propose / lead events linked to the theme.   The Student President and Vice Presidents ensure all actions are executed and will organise the publication of information about campaigns through the Year Council Reps.

Responsibilities – Representatives from the Student Parliament are expected to take on a leadership role and support parents, carers and staff on parents’ evenings and school events such as Graduations.

Student panels - Representatives from the Student Parliament may also be used to form student panels for interviews.  They will receive training as appropriate.

Mediation training – members of the Student Parliament could receive mediation training and  run a ‘surgery’ on a rota each lunch time helping them resolve any low level behaviour difficulties their peers may be facing.

Jack Petchey Award – the Student Parliament should review nominations for the Jack Petchey Award  three times a year and vote on the who they believe winners should be.  Representatives from the Student Parliament (including the Student President and Vice Presidents) should help lead the termly rewards assemblies in which these are distributed to students.