Inclusion Quality Mark

Our IQM Centre of Excellent review and reassessment took place on 23rd May, 2017.  This was extremely successful and as a result  of three years as an IQM Centre of Excellence,  Lea Valley High School will now go  forward as an IQM Flagship school.IQM Flagship School Award logo - Gold - Pantone Ref. 871c

Below is an extract of the report findings:  

“Students come first at the school and their individual needs are a priority. Staff well-being is also carefully considered and measures are taken to try to make working conditions manageable. This work is never done and the school continues to consider ideas and suggestions on how to improve things further. Training and development of staff is an important part of this improvement agenda.

Inclusion in the Lea Valley High School is rooted in classrooms and the school remains focused on its core purpose of improving teaching and learning. Staff at all levels understand that the classroom is where inclusion happens. Teachers fully accept their responsibility for all the students in their classes and they are given a great deal of support to make this happen. Teachers plan and deliver Quality First Teaching throughout the school. The SEND department is well organised and well run and provides excellent additional support for those who need more specialised help.

The ethos and atmosphere of the school is warm and friendly and clearly there are strong relationships between staff and students where staff are always prepared to go the extra mile for the young people in their care. Students are well motivated and they want to do well. Their attitudes to work and to each other are very positive.”

The full report can be downloaded here:  IQM letter 4th June, 2017

Lea Valley High School was designated a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion following an initial IQM inspection in July 2014. A review takes place annually to ensure the school fully meets the standard required by the IQM and to retain its Centre of Excellence. As a Centre of Excellence the school must show that they:

Are committed to Inclusion.

  • Show developing capacity to sustain inclusive practice.
  • Have good mechanisms to disseminate, share, encourage and influence inclusive good practice between schools.
  • Are engaged in activities and in-house research that explore inclusive practice.
  • Maintain the Inclusive Self Review as an annual record of progress and development.
  • Commit to an annual IQM visit to validate, support and advise the school about its progress and produce a report to help planning for future developments.
  • Are ready to contribute positively to the overall development aims of IQM.

This year’s review took place on Tuesday 24th May. During the review, the assessor observed our practice in the classroom and spoke to a number of students and staff about our practice. He looked at our KS3 reading programmes, met with the Student Parliament and Learning Council and interviewed groups of students including the most able, SEND and high attainers. He also spent time with the Lead Practitioners, Director of Inclusion, SENCo and a selection of pastoral staff. Following our review it was confirmed that we will maintain our Centre of Excellence status and that following our next review we will be considered for Flagship status.

IQM Letter - July 2014

Review Letter - May 2015

Confirmation of Ongoing Centre of Excellence Status - May 2016