Vivo Rewards

Vivo is an award-winning rewards platform for schools, allowing teachers to award students electronic points called “Vivos”, redeemable on a wide selection of rewards from a customisable catalogue.

Vivo points can be awarded in a three tier system as follows:

Achieve – 5 Vivo points

  • Full engagement in the learning activity
  • Persistence despite barriers, challenges and setbacks
  • Working consistently at personal best

Develop – 10 Vivo points

  • Embrace challenge and strive to improve
  • Build on past practice and understand the next steps needed to attain at a higher standard
  • Work submitted 1 level above their minimum grade

Excel – 15 Vivo points

  • Surpassing personal best  (e.g. work submitted two levels above minimum grade)
  • Attaining the highest level in assessments
  • Attaining recognition outside of school (e.g. Mayors award, excelling in sport, debating, volunteering

Community Service 20 Vivo points

Services to the school and wider community. Including;

  • Reading Mentors
  • Volunteering at school events
  • Charity Work
  • Curriculum helper
  • Help with events

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