The Lea Valley Standard

The Lea Valley Standard - What Our Standard Means for You:

Everything I do will be based on respect for myself, other people and our community

This means:

  • I will respect my school community by wearing my uniform with pride
  • I will listen to what other people say to me and reply in a polite way, showing good manners and respect
  • I will not use rude or abusive language
  • I will not physically hurt or bully another person
  • I will not spread rumours or disrespect anyone either in person, or by using my phone or the internet (facebook, twitter or other social media)

I will present a positive attitude to enhance my own learning and the learning of others

This means:

  • I will be on time for school and for my lessons
  • I will be prepared for all my lessons by bringing my pens and other equipment
  • I will make sure I complete my home learning
  • I will respond to my teachers’ marking with green pen comments to show that I understand

I will aspire to achieve and exceed my academic and personal targets

This means:

  • I will make sure my targets are written in the front of my exercise book
  • I will read the teacher’s comments so that I can improve my grades/levels
  • I will complete an hour and a half’s home learning each evening
  • I will read regularly to improve my literacy levels

I will strive to become a tolerant, informed and responsible citizen

This means

  • I will keep the school’s behaviour code
  • I will not hurt other people through anything I say or do
  • I will not steal or take other people’s things
  • I will try to help others and understand when they need my support
  • I will not condone the negative actions of other people
  • I will report incidents that make me or others feel uncomfortable or disrespected

I will achieve, develop and excel to be the best I can be

This means:

  • I want to be proud of everything I do
  • I will work hard to fulfil my dreams