School Curriculum

Our innovative curriculum introduces choice in every academic year from Year 8 to 11. 

KS3 – Years 7 – 8                               KS4 – Years 9 -11                              KS5 – Years 12-14

There is a wide range of subjects available to students and these include both academic and vocational courses.  The English Baccalaureate will be studied by all students in Key Stage 4, thus they will study a core of English, Mathematics, Science, RE and PE, a choice between French and Spanish, and a choice between History and Geography, in addition to their option choices. 

Curriculum at KS3

We meet all statutory requirements and we ensure that all students have a broad curriculum:

  • English, Mathematics, Science
  • Geography, History and Religious Education
  • Dance, Drama, Music, Art, Technology
  • Modern Foreign Languages- Spanish/French (and Italian in year 7)
  • Physical Education, Information and Communication Technology

Students also receive Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural and Careers Education via our Life Skills Programme and within lessons across the curriculum.


At Lea Valley High School we place great value on literacy which is delivered across the curriculum in all lessons.  Students, at all levels, need to improve their literacy, especially their reading ability, to accelerate their progress in all subjects which will impact positively on their life chances for all our students. 

We provide four half-hour sessions a week in form time are dedicated to guided reading. 


Numeracy has a single timetabled lesson each week taught by a Maths specialist.

Year 9/10

We consider years 9 and 10 to be the focus years for GCSE and our new curriculum offer ensures that every student will take the English Baccalaureate during this time. 

Year 11

Year 11 will be used to ensure that every student either secures the English Baccalaureate or follows an appropriate vocational programme or prepares for an academic pathway.  AS courses will be offered from a range of subjects including Critical Thinking or Philosophy, to prepare students to attend the top universities.

Post 16

In Post 16 Education, students also have the option to select a variety of AS/A2 Level courses and BTEC National Level 3 programmes.  There is sufficient flexibility within the timetable to allow students to take up a combination of the academic and vocational courses. Lea Valley High School is part of the Enfield Post-16 Consortium which allows students to access subjects we do not offer, at another school within the Local Authority.

Students who have not achieved the necessary qualifications to move on to Level 3 can access the Level 2 programme with the full spectrum of options through a vertical curriculum offer with year 11.

Please see below links to our fully comprehensive guides for all of our personalised programmes of study:

Year 9 Options  (pdf format)

Year 9 Options (booklet format)

14-19 Curriculum Options (pdf format)

14-19 Options (booklet format)